Our Zolucky Reviews – Is This Brand Legit?


At first glance, Zolucky seems like a clothing store that offers incredible prices on fashionable garments. Who wouldn’t want to shop here?

However, things aren’t always as they seem. We’ll be sharing our in-depth Zolucky reviews to help shoppers figure out if this brand is a scam or if it’s worth buying from.

Quick Overview: Although Zolucky isn’t a complete scam, we wouldn’t recommend shopping here because of its poor return policy and bad customer reviews when it comes to product quality.

What is Zolucky?

Zolucky is an affordable online clothing store based in China with a huge selection of clothing for women.

They offer tops, dresses, shoes, bottoms, swimwear, and even a wide variety of plus-size options.

Zolucky Reviews

Our Rating: 2/10

Although Zolucky seems to have great deals and cute garments, we’d recommend shopping somewhere else.

Quality & Sizing

Many shoppers complain that the quality is terrible and the items they received didn’t look anything like the photos.

While Sitejabber’s overall rating is 4.5 stars, reviews on platforms like this are usually easy to fake. The ratings on BBB were a completely different story.

On BBB, there are over 300 customer reviews with a 1.11 overall rating.

Nearly every review here complained about their order taking forever to arrive, then the items they received being terrible quality and ill-fitting.

Return Policy

Another huge issue with this company is its return policy. They state “easy returns within 30 days” on their homepage, which is misleading because they leave out one key detail.

The buyer is responsible for return shipping. Since they are based in China, the return shipping cost can be extravagant.

Many reviewers stated that the return shipping was going to cost them $30 or higher (one reviewer said it would cost $86 to return).

Suspicious Images

We also noticed that in every photo that Zolucky shares, the model’s head is cropped out.

Cropping heads out often signals that these photos are stolen from reputable retailers or models on Instagram.

Also, most of the photos we saw on their website made it very clear that the garments are edited onto the model. It’s likely that they take photos from the web and edit their garment onto the model (see image example below).

That said, we tried to locate the source of many of the images, but we didn’t find any original photos, so we can’t say for sure. Many brands take images from Instagram because it’s more difficult to trace the image back.

A photo we pulled from their website (it’s a little blurry, the top looks very edited)

Shipping Minimum

Another downside is the fact that they only offer free shipping on orders higher than $99.

This is a pretty high minimum, especially for first-time shoppers who might not yet trust the store enough to spend this much money.

To compare, SheIn’s free shipping minimum is $49 and they often run deals that lower this shipping minimum.

On top of all these issues, the prices at Zolucky aren’t even that great. You can find similar prices at more trustworthy retailers with local stores like Forever21 or H&M.

Zolucky Issues (Summary):

  • 300+ bad reviews on BBB
  • Most Zolucky reviews state that items were very poor quality and don’t even fit
  • Poor return policy, requires shoppers to pay for return shipping to China
  • Suspicious images that are obviously edited
  • Free shipping minimum is $99

Bottom Line

Overall, Zolucky is another overseas retailer that is risky to purchase from. Shopping from these types of retailers is almost like gambling. While you may end up with an affordable item you like, you’re also risking the chance of receiving something terrible.

Although they’re not a complete scam and will send your order, many shoppers receive very poor quality items that fit terrible and don’t even look like the pictures.

And if you don’t like your garments, their return policy isn’t great since you need to pay for return shipping. For many shoppers, this return shipping is so high that it’s not even worth returning.

Zolucky Alternatives

If you’re tempted by the affordable prices, we’d recommend shopping at a more popular overseas retailer that offers free returns. We’ve shared some top options below.

When shopping at any of these retailers, we’d recommend taking the time to read individual product reviews and even looking up recent hauls on TikTok or Youtube.

Items tend to be a hit or miss on these overseas retailers, so hauls can help you find garments that shoppers had good experiences with to avoid receiving bad items.

  • SheIn – This China-based retailer is the most popular alternative, with free returns to the USA. They offer clothing for men, women, kids, babies, and even dogs (they also have a wide variety of other random goods, like fun items for the home). Shopping here can still be a hit or miss, but free returns ensures you won’t be out of your money.
  • Zaful – Another China-based retailer that is very similar to SheIn. They offer free returns on your first order, so take advantage of this if you’ve never shopped here before.
  • Aliexpress – A marketplace for all types of Chinese products, from fashion to home to anything else you can imagine. However, not every item offers free returns. Individual sellers will decide if they offer free returns, so make sure to check and see if the item has the “free return” icon or a money-back guarantee.

16 thoughts on “Our Zolucky Reviews – Is This Brand Legit?”

  1. I ordered 5 tops. Four arrived without the promised tracking number. The fifth has never arrived, Andi don’t care, because if it is the same qualitiy as the other four, I don’t want it. Boxy, shapeless, and sleazy fabric. A waste of money and takes forever to arrive. Don’t do it.

  2. Wish I had seen the previous remarks. I ordered items Sept 29, and they are not going to arrive till mid October!!!!!! I was not aware of this. I will never order anything from Zolucky again!!

  3. I remember seeing their ads and resisting, but I finally took a chance. Not happy with the boxy fit or fabric. Why are they allowed to operate and social media promotes them relentlessly!

  4. Never ordered anything from these people , somehow they got my email address, i requested to be unsubscribed from their site @ their 1st mail and just sent the “23rd” written request to be unsubscribed but am sure they will ignore this one too. I’m positive these scammers will do the same to anyone they can, don’t open their Web site or you’ll never get ridb ofb these Chinese scammers … read the review’s … no service, poor quality, huge shipping delays, ship wrong materials, then let you won’t return the garbage and forget getting a full return and then in turn they’ll Dog you til you die w/ their fake email ads. get rid of them vany way you can and write a review on these scammers

  5. Look at another place for your clothes. Zolucky is nothing but a headache. This is a warning. Look at all the reviews before you buy.

  6. I had major issues with them back in the summer. I had it resolved by the bank and was refunded my $-supsiciously they all of a sudden refunded my $$. Now Zolucky just tried to charge me again for the same amount…months later.. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

  7. I will never order from this site again…. poor quality and I cannot even receive my next order….. do not buy from this site/outfit! Seriously, it is operated by CHINA!

  8. I ordered 3 pieces of clothing and they all ran smaller than true size. Their return policy is the worst due to shipping costs & fees.
    Would not order from them again.

  9. I will never order anything from ZO lucky again I did not get What I have order and Have not the clothes all clothes I Order All I want Is my money back.

  10. BEWARE! i bought an opal ring, in a vintage setting and it arrived, falling out of the setting AS I opened it. I am supposed to go to my tracking number to return it, but it is already here, and I went round and round trying to get customer service. The ring was plastic with glitter painted on it and the setting was plastic. The photos are fake and the quality is the worst I have ever purchased. I have purchased other clothing items, all made from paper like material, looking nothing like the model. I will continue spreading the word about them. If there are good reviews, they are from their own Chinese employees! It’s all garbage!!!!!

  11. I order one shirt January 21st and haven’t received it yet. It said 20 days for delivery. I didn’t get a confirmation after I ordered it, therefore I couldn’t track the delivery date. I won’t be ordering from again.

  12. I wanted to try Zolucky because the clothes are cute and really cheap prices. They came today, one top was cute and the material was really nice. The second was advertised as a sweatshirt and it was that old-timey double knit, it was awful and huge.

  13. I remember seeing their ads and resisting, but I finally took a chance. Wish I had seen the previous remarks as I ordered (2) items on March 25, 2023 and on April 12, 2023 I received (1) item and to date I have not received the second item. Although they were kind enough to charge me for both items and I was never provided a tracking # as promised. I will never order anything from Zolucky again!! and if you are reading this review I would recommend that you stay away from this online clothing provider as if it seems to good to be true then you should not pursue the deal that is untrue as I feel this provider is a total scam; so save your money, time and effort in a no win situation.

  14. The items were very poor quality material. When I tried to return them, the site said they would get back to me within 48 hours and they never did respond. The chat feature is not a real person and was unhelpful. When prompted to click on a link, it says “Not found”. I am out $89 and DEFINITELY do not recommend this site.

  15. I wish I would of read reviews …All of it is true. Poor quality of undergarments and they don’t tell you of the no return on them. Then if you use a credit card they deduct another fee…never disclosed.
    And if you want to return items you have to pay..You better off with stuff from the USA..If I knew it was China I would never ever have ordered.
    Buyer Beware!
    MaryAnn Perrulli


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