Side Shaper Reviews – Everything You Need to Know


Imagine this – a machine that can give you amazing abs if you use it just 5 minutes per day. Side Shaper is a popular workout device that advertises exactly that, but does it really work as well as it advertises? Is it worth the money?

We’ll be diving into our review surrounding Side Shaper, including everything you need to know before you decide to purchase or not.

All About the Side Shaper

Side Shaper offers the following features:

  • Costs around $300
  • 3 adjustable difficulty levels
  • Fits in a 6ft x 4ft space
  • Easy to fold up when you’re not using it
  • Hyper-targets your abs, but also works on your core, lower back, and upper body muscles
  • Holds up to 250 pounds
  • Easy to assemble
  • LCD display that shows calories burned, repetition, and more

Their return policy states that shoppers can return the Side Shaper within 30 days, but they will need to pay for return shipping. This isn’t the worst return policy out there, but it’s not the best either (return shipping can be expensive).

Side Shaper also offers resistance bands that you can add to the machine to enhance your workout even further.

Side Shaper Reviews

Now, what do real customers think? We’ve searched high and low through online reviews to see what the top feedback is.

A quick overview:

  • 4.5-stars based on 164 ratings on Amazon
  • 3.3-stars based on 7 ratings on Google

Overall, customers actually seemed to really like their Side Shaper machine. People stated that it provided an excellent workout, even those who are already pretty athletic. The fact that the Side Shaper offers three settings makes it perfect for people at any athletic level.

Customers also liked that they could add the resistance bands to their order to maximize their workouts.

The only real complaints we found involved a few people having issues with the screen, as well as one customer who never received their order (which seems to have been handled by the company)

A couple of customers experienced the screen breaking, but this was the only issue we saw and it was only a couple of reviews that stated this happened.

Bottom Line

Overall, most buyers seem to be happy with their progress after using their Side Shaper for a few months.

People like the variety of ways you can use the machine, loving that it targets their abs and can also target a variety of other body parts (depending on how you use it).

A few shoppers raved about the ability to fold up the Side Shaper and store it out of sight, such as under the bed. This is perfect for anyone who can’t dedicate an entire room to their workout gear, but doesn’t want the Side Shaper to ruin their home decor.

Although it’s expensive compared to smaller equipment (like an ab roller), the Side Shaper definitely one of the more affordable pieces of large workout equipment out there.

Although buying the Side Shaper might not be absolutely necessary to get abs since there are plenty of workout routines and smaller ab-focused devices, we say it’s worth giving a shot if you think it will help build the abs of your dreams.

It’s also important to note that the Side Shaper (and any type of workout) isn’t magic, especially when it comes to building abs. You’ll need to pair your workouts with a healthy and macro-friendly diet to help lose stomach fat. Working out will deinitely help, but minimizing stomach fat will help your abs come through more visibly.

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