Send a Cake Reviews – Are They Worth It?


Send a Cake is a brand based in Seattle that has a unique business model: gift-worthy cakes with a fun surprise unboxing experience. Shoppers can purchase a cake from their website and have it shipped directly to the person they want to gift it to on a specific day.

The best part is that their cakes come with unique customized presentations, from explosion boxes to confetti boxes to themed Harry Potter boxes and other fun options.

Their cakes typically cost between $40 – $100 depending on which features you might add. Most of their cakes have dairy and wheat, but they do have one vegan cake option.

Although they seem like an exciting (and delicious) gift, does the brand deliver what it claims to provide? This Send a Cake review will dive into this brand and if they are worth it.

Send a Cake Reviews

Unfortunately, many shoppers didn’t have a great experience with this brand.

NOTE: Send a Cake isn’t doing anything special, they simply combined wind-up butterflies with an explosion box and a little cake. You can replicate this gift yourself for cheaper (click here to jump down in our article for instructions on how).

We searched through all the Send a Cake reviews outside of their own website to see the most common points of feedback. Here’s what we found:

  • Many reviews stated the delivery date was incorrect (often multiple days too early or too late), which ruined the gift experience
  • The cake is extremely small and doesn’t taste good (dry and crumbly)
  • Multiple reviewers said the flying butterflies got stuck in the gift recipient’s hair (one person even said their granddaughter would have to cut off all her hair because they were so tangled up in it).
  • A few reviews said the butterflies were broken and didn’t fly, which ruined the experience
  • Poor customer service when customers tried to reach out to the brand to solve their issues.
  • Poor shipping to hotter areas, the cake was melted in the box when it arrived.
  • Many people state the unboxing experience was fun, but not worth the high price.

Bottom Line

Overall, this brand has a fun and unique gift idea, but it doesn’t seem like it can deliver what they promise at the moment.

Based on the Send a Cake reviews we read, the brand has very poor quality control. Many reviewers had issues with their cakes, from late or early shipping to very dry cakes (or even melted or moldy cakes in some scenarios).

Even people who received the cake on time and had a good unboxing experience stated the tiny cake was definitely not worth it and didn’t taste very good.

The cakes are small for the price, they are poorly made, they often deliver on the wrong dates, and sometimes the flying butterflies in the explosion box get tangled in someone’s hair. Based on how much their cake gifts cost, the company should be doing a much better job at quality control.

Some customers were able to get a refund for their poor experiences, but we still don’t think it’s worth ruining a gift over.

Send a Cake Alternatives

Instead of relying on Send a Cake, we’d recommend buying a cake gift from a different brand or even replicating the gift yourself (it’s actually very easy).

Even if you get a cake that doesn’t come with exploding butterflies or confetti, at least you can ensure it will arrive on time and will taste amazing.

Here are some alternatives we recommend.

  • Do It Yourself – If you live near the person you’re sending a cake to, you can replicate this gift yourself for cheaper. You just need wind-up butterflies, an explosion box, and a little cake from your local grocery store (or even make a cake yourself). There are also confetti boxes on Amazon, such as this one. Overall, you could easily spend less than $40 putting this gift together yourself.
  • Surprise Cake – This brand offers a very similar business model to Send a Cake, but seems to have better reviews overall (they were on Shark Tank too). People say their cakes actually taste good, which is pretty important. You can also just buy the setup and put the cake in yourself.
  • Bake Me a Wish – Their cakes are delicious and come with a free gift box, plus their gift towers are impressive. You can also add fun extras like a celebration teddy bear, birthday candles, and more.
  • Milk Bar – Milk Bar cakes are a wonderful gift for any cake-lover. They are a bit expensive, but they are pretty big and absolutely delicious. Their cake truffles make a great gift too.
  • Goldbelly – This popular platform delivers foods and desserts from local spots around the nation. You’ll definitely pay a pretty penny for this service, but you can gift a cake (or food) from a famous shop that they wouldn’t normally get to try, or surprise them with pizza from their favorite hometown shop.

2 thoughts on “Send a Cake Reviews – Are They Worth It?”

  1. Ripoff. Once they never delivered cake. Tried them again. Cake was supposed to be delivered Saturday feb 4. Two days later. The reply to their complaints are delivery issues but everyone else delivers on time. Overpriced and waste of money

  2. Waste of money…..a real rip off for the outrageous price. The explosion of paper butterflies…just stupid, the cake was not only stale, but it was decorated with enough cheap candies…..that you could go into a diabetic coma. $40? Plus $10 for paper butterflies? Wow. A real waste of money.


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