Meet Curve Reviews – Is Their Swimwear Legit?


A brand that offers cute swimwear with inclusive sizing options and trendy styles that don’t remind me of my grandma, plus affordable prices? Count me in.

Meet Curve seems like a dream come true for anyone who struggles to find good swimwear that isn’t a size 0.

Keep reading our Meet Curve reviews for the inside scoop on this brand and if they’re worth the money, or if they are too good to be true.

QUICK OVERVIEW: It seems like there are quite a few negative reviews for Meet Curve regarding slow shipping, poor or unresponsive customer service, and too-small sizing. If you do buy, we highly recommend buying through Amazon Prime. Your order will come quicker and you won’t need to deal with the brand themselves in case you want to make a return.

What is Meet Curve?

Meet Curve is an affordable online brand dedicated to everything swimwear, offering everything from one-pieces to coverups.

They are a size-inclusive brand, offering a ton of styles in sizes 8 to 26.

Prices typically range from $25 – $40 for a swimsuit, which is pretty reasonable compared to other top swimwear brands out there. They also have a great sale section for even more affordable finds.

Meet Curve is based in China, so orders take longer to ship than you might be used to. Most customers wait around 3 weeks for their orders, but it could take even longer.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the brand offers 15-day returns on unworn items, but customers need to pay for return shipping. Since the brand is based overseas, this can be expensive and may not even be worth it based on how many swimsuits you plan on ordering.

Meet Curve Reviews

What do customers think about this brand?

According to BBB, Meet Curve has had 27 complaints over the last 3 years. This isn’t too terrible, but there weren’t many good reviews on this platform either.

That being said, the brand has a 4.53-star rating on Trustpilot based on over 11,000 reviews. So overall, it seems there are a lot of people who have good experiences with Meet Curve as well.

There are a ton of try-on hauls on Youtube as well, which can be helpful to see which swimsuits you might be interested in and view specific experiences with specific swimsuits.

One of the biggest complaints is surrounding shipping times, often from shoppers who didn’t know the brand ships from China before they ordered. Since they ship from overseas, you can expect to wait 3+ weeks (or even longer than a month) for your order. We definitely wouldn’t rely on this brand for a special occasion.

Customers also complained about poor response times, or even no responses, from the Meet Curve customer service.

For some other shoppers, the sizing seems to be inconsistent (often on the smaller side). They do have a measurement guide that can help, but this doesn’t seem to be accurate all of the time.

Overall, they seem to be very similar to other competing overseas fast fashion brands. The prices are competitive, but the quality and sizing tend to be a hit or miss.

The Bottomline

Overall, we’d say the brand isn’t the worst we’ve seen, but might not be as reliable as you’d hope. Many people have issues with customer service, returns, and slow shipping speeds.

Luckily, many of their swimsuits are available on Amazon Prime, so we’d recommend shopping here to get much quicker shipping and avoid their customer service altogether in case you need to make a return.

5 thoughts on “Meet Curve Reviews – Is Their Swimwear Legit?”

  1. The swimsuits are lovely and well made, but they do seem to run small.

    However: their customer service has refused to provide a refund on items returned. On a $72US order they have offered $15 and $27 refunds! Very bad business practices.

  2. Do not buy from this company! I ordered received three items and decided to return two. After MULTIPLE emails—10–trying to return the items I finally received a refund (they have a very limited return time window). First email offered a $5 credit not to return the items. Are they kidding??? Another email said I could return items but would not give address. Had to ask for return address MULTIPLE times. Had difficulty returning item because USPS said return address was not a recognized address. Finally able to return package. They then said package was not received although I had delivery and signature confirmation which I sent (address is in New York). Received refund for one item. Asked about refund for second item. Finally received second refund. Awful experience.

  3. DO NOT ORDER!! You have been warned. I wish I would have known this before I ordered. Ordered 3 swimsuits and all were to big. I sent multiple emails and they would never give me the full address to return. I started sending 2 emails a day stating I wanted a refund and they never responded. Company is a SCAM

  4. I exchanged a bathing suit for a different size, and they gave me a gift card to purchase the new one. My experience had been great up until this point so I didn’t think anything of it. When I received my new suit and it still didn’t fit correctly, they refused to refund my order because they do not refund gift card orders. This is ridiculous because this was originally my money, not a gift card. I bought another suit on top of the original exchange and they will not refund that money either, which was NOT a gift card. We went back and forth via email where they basically just said the same thing over and over again without even trying to fix it, until they informed me that my return period is over and they can no longer do anything about it. They are basically just scamming people and stealing their money.

  5. SCAM company!! Do NOT order.
    I 100% believe their reviews are fake. It’s also why it’s hard online to review them, their Facebook doesn’t give a review option & little info is given about the company.
    The quality & sizing are poor. There’s no bust support is any of the swimsuits & do not look like the pics. The customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. They are thieves. It’s taken me 5 days at point to communicate with them, they have tried to convince me to take a $56 refund and keep the over $200 items I bought that don’t fit as consolation. Telling me it’s better to take that because the shipping is expensive & the return process is hard. They have yet to provide me with a return address other than Secacaus NY. You are robbing people, you ignore & annoy them into getting them to agree to your outrageous terms where people get frustrate so they just agree. This is a company of scam artists. I have no been offered 3 different return amounts & it’s only half of what I paid. I am hesitant to return the package because have also read reviews where company claimed the package was never returned. They are robbing people.


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