Rosedress Reviews – Legit or Another Scam? 


If you’re a dress-lover, a store focused solely on dresses might sound like a dream come true.

Rosedress is a website dedicated to all types of dresses, but is it legit or just another scammy website that doesn’t fulfill what it promises?

Keep reading our Rosedress reviews to find out if you should shop from this clothing brand or run for the hills.

What is Rosedress?

Rosedress is an online clothing store that is dedicated to every type of dress you can imagine. They truly have a ton of options.

To make it easier to find what you’re looking for, they offer the ability to sort by occasion, material, pattern, sleeve, neckline, and other filters if desired.

Rosedress Reviews

Our Rating: 1/10

Rosedress has pretty bad reviews all around and we don’t recommend shopping here.

Although there are great reviews on their actual website, we’re guessing these are fake because this isn’t the case when you view reviews on other platforms.

On Sitejabber, 17 customers gave the brand an overall 1.7-star rating. On Trustpilot, 34 customers gave the brand the same 1.7-star overall rating.

One of the biggest complaints involved shipping time. Most customers waited over a month to receive their orders, sometimes even longer than two months.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Most reviewers complained that the item(s) that arrived were nothing like the photos they saw online. On top of that, the quality was terrible and the sizing was way off.

We discovered that Rosedress is another overseas company that steals photos from reputable brands and pretends to sell these products, then sends you something that looks completely different.

Some of the images they steal are ridiculous.

For example, we found that Rosedress stole this product picture from the Hanna Gown by Bronx and Banco. This designer gown retails at $849 at REVOLVE, yet Rosedress is trying to sell their version for less than $100 using the stolen photos.

Above is the fake dress listed for sale at Rosedress
Above is the same photo of the Hanna Gown listed for sale at REVOLVE

If you do end up purchasing from this brand and don’t like what you received, their return policy isn’t the best either.

You have 45 days to return your item(s), but customers must pay for their own return shipping. Since they’re based overseas, this can be expensive and not even worth it in many cases.

Rosedress also claims to be based in Colorado on their contact page, but many reviewers stated their order was shipped from China.

Overall Feedback

Overall, we don’t recommend shopping from Rosedress.

It’s a scammy site with fake images and plenty of negative reviews.

Shipping takes forever and customers don’t receive the items pictured. Plus, after a bit of research, we found that Rosedress steals all of its images from legit clothing brands.

Rosedress Alternatives

If you love the styles at Rosedress, here are a few alternatives where you can find similar dresses for affordable or mid-range prices.

  • Petal & Pup: This brand has a huge selection of gorgeous dresses for any occasion. Rosedress and other misleading companies actually steal a lot of their photos. Although Petal & Pup is a little more expensive, you can be sure you’re getting the exact item in the pictures!
  • ASOS: You can find anything and everything at ASOS, cute dresses included. Plenty of their dresses fall within $20 – $50, plus they offer free returns in case it doesn’t end up working out.
  • Lulu’s: Another great store for girly styles (especially dresses)! Prices are a bit more expensive than Rosedress of course, but they have occasional sales that can bring the cost down.
  • Mango Outlet: Mango is a great store to find cute dresses, but can be pricey, so we’d recommend taking a look at what Mango Outlet has to offer!
  • Lucy in the Sky: Offers a wide selection of cute, girly dresses at mid-range prices as well as plenty of other garment styles.

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