Is Dr. Clean Spray Legit? Our Analysis


We all know the famous Mr. Clean, but what about Dr. Clean?

If you’ve seen ads for the seemingly magical Dr. Clean spray lately, you might be wondering if it works as well as it seems to in their marketing campaigns.

Should you give it a shot? Don’t pull the trigger just yet, keep reading our review on this brand to see what we found during our research.

The Quick Answer: Dr. Clean a scam!

What is Dr. Clean?

Dr. Clean is an all-around cleaning product that comes in tablets. You simply drop a tablet in the bottle, add water, and then start spraying.

They state that it can be used for almost every purpose, from clothing stains to every household cleaning use you could think of.

On the website, they also say it has a 90-day guarantee.

The photos on their website also make the product seem like a cleaning miracle, such as this before and after photo of an oven:

Sounds too good to be true yet? We researched high and low to find what we could about this brand – read what we discovered below.

Dr. Clean Spray Reviews

Our Verdit: Do not buy this product

After searching the web for Dr. Clean spry reviews, we initially struggled to find genuine reviews online from legitimate customers. Of course, they have plenty of 5-star reviews on their own website, but we never trust these.

The first red flag is the fact that you can only find the Dr. Clean spray for sale on their website, which is essentially a landing page someone designed real quick. It’s not available on Amazon or any other reputable retailer (at least not under the Dr. Clean brand name).

However, we found a lot more when we searched the name on the bottle we saw in their Google ad labeled “V Clean Spot.”

The first ad is from Dr. Clean

A ton of results came up for “V Clean Spot” spray, including an Aliexpress listing. This seems to be a cheap cleaning product from China that many sellers buy and resell for higher prices.

On their website (or should we say landing page), they have changed the photo to a different label, but the photo on the Google ad we saw still had the V Spot label on the bottle.

There are also a few listings of the same V Spot product on Amazon and reviews are bad. This listing has a 3-star overall rating from 572 reviews, but many of the good reviews look fake. This product also has a 3-star average review.

The most helpful reviews are all 1-star reviews, most customers state the product didn’t work at all.

Aside from this, we also found out that “Dr. Clean” actually changes its website name in order to hide previous negative reviews.

At PissedConsumer, there are 104 bad reviews surrounding “” which directs to the same landing page. However, when doing our initial research, we didn’t find this other website.

Dr. Clean is currently paying for ads that direct to their new “” page so that customers have a more difficult time finding these negative reviews. There was no evidence of this other page until we came across it on PissedConsumer.

Because of all of the reasons above, we do not recommend buying Dr. Clean spray. It’s a complete scam. All reviews state this product doesn’t work at all or that they never even received the product, not to mention Dr. Clean has very scammy and suspicious business practices.

If you still want to give it a shot for some reason, you might as well buy the same product for way cheaper on Aliexpress and wait a month or two for it to arrive.

Bottom Line

Overall, Dr. Clean Spray seems to be a scam. Someone bought this product off Aliexpress or a similar overseas wholesale website, then created a landing page and is running ads trying to resell the product at much higher prices.

Their website is riddled with fake reviews as well as fake before and after photos that make the product seem like magic. There are over a hundred angry customers at PissedConsumer and Dr. Clean tries to change their URL to cover these reviews up.

If you buy from Dr. Clean, it won’t be effective (if they even send your order).

You’ll want to stick with Mr. Clean, or go for another all-purpose cleaning spray you can trust. Don’t waste your money!

Dr. Clean Spray Alternatives

That said, we do love the idea of more eco-friendly cleaning products that are also effective, so here are some alternatives you might want to try instead.

  • Blueland: Their products are tablet-based, non-toxic, and effective for many customers. They also have an excellent return policy in case they don’t work out for you. Read our full review if you’re interested!
  • Supernatural: Another eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning brand that helps minimize waste, but they use concentrates instead of tablets.
  • Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner: If you’re not worried about toxicity or products being more eco-friendly, people love Simple Green as an all-purpose cleaner.

6 thoughts on “Is Dr. Clean Spray Legit? Our Analysis”

  1. Major scam!! How they lied. I called to return it and have to pay postage both ways. She said they paid about $10 ti send it to me. I can keep it and they will credit me for 20.But do I believe them? I paid $40 for useless stuff.
    Not only this, but the stuff is a terrible cleaner. I tried it on my stove top and all it did was streak the glass.

  2. Thank you for posting this review. I was looking around online trying to find out more about this Dr Clean because for some reason it felt Scamy to me, especially the pictures of before and after, not realistic looking at all. Again, thank you!!!!!!

  3. This product does not work. It is a scam. The tablets would hardly dissolve. I put 2 tablets in a spray bottle and nothing. The 90 day money back guarantee is a joke as well. They do not provide a return address nor is there a customer service #. Do not get conned in on this product.

  4. I would have gotten better cleaning power from a Tums, this product doesn’t work at all. Unfortunately I didn’t see the real reviews until after I purchased this scam product, their website is overflowing with fake reviews.


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