Promlily Reviews – Is This Dress Store Legit?


When you’re shopping for a special occasion like prom, homecoming, or even your own wedding, you want to proceed with extra caution. There’s nothing worse than having nothing to wear on an extra special day, or being stuck with a dress you hate.

If you’re wondering if Promlily is a trustworthy brand to buy your next special occasion dress at, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading our Promlily reviews for everything you need to know about the brand.

Quick Overview: We do not recommend shopping at Promlily. There aren’t many reviews out there, but the ones that do exist are bad. Shoppers experienced poor quality, long shipping times, poor return policy, inconsistent sizing, and receiving dresses that didn’t look like photos.

You’re not out of luck though, jump down to our list of recommended alternatives to shop instead (or keep reading to see why this brand isn’t worth trusting).

All About Promlily

Promlily is an online store dedicated to prom dresses as well as other special occasion dresses (such as homecoming, bridesmaid, and even wedding dresses).

Prices typically range from $60 – $200 depending on the dress, but they also have some more luxurious dresses that can cost over $200 (such as some of their wedding dresses).

They do typically offer coupons, but they’re not too amazing. For example, right now they have $5 off orders over $150, $20 off orders over $270, and $35 off orders over $330.

Promlily Reviews

Overall Rating: 0/5 stars

Now that we’ve shared some more info about the brand, what do real customers think about Promlily?

Unfortunately, they only have a few reviews out there, and they aren’t very good. Here are the ratings we found on a couple of review platforms:

  • 1-star average rating based on 4 reviews on Sitejabber
  • 1-star average rating based on 5 reviews on Facebook

Here were the top complaints:

  • very poor quality
  • dresses don’t look anything like the pictures
  • inaccurate sizing
  • poor return policy
  • poor customer service
  • long shipping times, even when paying extra for expedited shipping


Starting with the most important factor, how is the quality? From what we found throughout Promlily reviews, the quality is pretty bad.

Most reviews stated that the item they received didn’t look anything like the photos and was very poorly made. This typically happens when brands steal nice-looking photos from reputable retailers and then try to create their own knock-off garment that they send customers instead.

Customers state that they could have purchased something of much better quality on a more reputable website for the same price, or cheaper. We’ve listed a few great alternatives within a similar price range below.


It might be worth risking a potentially low-quality item if the prices were super affordable, but they’re actually not all that impressive.

Most of their dresses fall between $80–$200, which is similar pricing to many top special occasion dress websites.

PromGirl has plenty of options under $200 and The Dress Outlet has gorgeous designer dresses marked down from retail prices, many of which cost less than $100.

Some alternatives are even cheaper than Promlily. For example, Windsor has a ton of gorgeous formal dresses that cost less than $100 (with plenty of options under $80). Fashion Nova also has a great selection of formal dresses under $100.

On top of that, these larger brands are more likely to have a lenient return policy and even free returns depending on the brand.

Shipping & Returns

Another common Promlily complaint was slow shipping speed that took around a month, even for one reviewer who purchased expedited shipping to ensure they got it in time for their special event.

Although they state that they do accept returns within 14 days, returns need to be approved by the brand (including photos & reason for return). They can deny your return for any reason, which is never a good sign.

Customers are also responsible for paying return shipping, which can be costly because the brand is located in a different country.

Overall Feedback

To sum up our Promlily reviews, we do not recommend shopping at this store. Customers often received poor-quality items that didn’t match the photos. Plus, their prices aren’t even that affordable to other top formal dress brands, so it’s truly not worth the risk.

We’d highly recommend sticking with a more reputable brand when it comes to special occasion dresses – and definitely don’t trust this brand for your wedding dress.

Promlily Alternatives

Luckily, you won’t miss out – there are plenty of alternatives for gorgeous special occasion dresses from more reputable brands within similar price ranges or even cheaper than Promlily.

Here are a few of our favorites:

4 thoughts on “Promlily Reviews – Is This Dress Store Legit?”

  1. Promlily literally ripped me off. Before anyone orders from them….do your research. I recently ordered a dress, the size to me was standard size 14, however it is considered custom. Forget about return or refund. This what I received from customer service rep Vivian. I did not like my dress, it was heavy, too small and ill fitting. I will take responsibility for my part in ordering a wedding dress from a website like this.

    Thank you so much for your reply
    I am afraid since each of our dresses is made on-demand, we can’t sell return dresses to other customers.
    If you return the item, you have to return it to China, and 30% of the item price will be charged for re-stocking fee (Including re-inspection, sanitization, dry cleaning and storage management), both shipping cost and return shipping cost will not be refunded.
    Or we can refund 12% dress price to you if you keep the dress.

    Please kindly consider our proposal, thank you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Nice day

    There you go. People, please do your research

  2. Please do not shop from this site. They are a huge rip off. My dress does not fit, does not look like the picture at all. The dress has a horrible smell but yet I ask to return it and they want me to just take it to a local tailor and have it fitted. Offer to refund me 10% and told me i can not return it. When I said I am going to give them a bad review they then turned around and said ” I am afraid since each of our items is made on demand, if you return the item, 10% of the item price would be charged for restocking fee(including re-inspection, sanitization, dry cleaning and storage management) and both shipping and return shipping cost will not be refunded. Why am I to pay for a dress to be sanitized and dry cleaned when the only time it was put on was to try it on. Absolutely absurd!! They did offer we can refund you 20% of the item price if I just keep it. I really wish I had done better research and read the reviews first. I was on limited time and limited funding and they sure know how to ruin your special day and rip you off and give you a piece of crap dress!!

  3. Stay far away from this online prom dress site. If this complany existed in the US they would be out of business. They should be sued. If you’re not going to accept returns, you should plainly state that on your site instead of making it seem like you have a 14 day return policy. I was told to take a poor fitting dress to a tailor. As of right now I am disputing the charge with my credit card company but other than that all I can do is to help people avoid this shopping on this scam site.

    ordered prom dress and paid expedited shipping cost. The invoice said it would be there by prom date. Well..never heard a peep..started to panicking so I emailed lok ed. Said it was being “tailored” I asked for full refund since they did not get it to me on time and was now useless. The fight ensued..they offered 15 dollars on a 197.00 dress. I had to file a claim with credit card because prom lily never made or sent dress .. they were T HE WORST Beware


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