Engraved Giftsly Reviews: Should You Buy?


There’s nothing sweeter than a gift that you clearly put thought into. Custom and engraved jewelry is a great example!

Engraved Giftsly is one of the many brands that offer a wide variety of custom engraved jewelry online, from bracelets to necklaces to rings.

With surprisingly affordable prices and not many online reviews, you might be wondering if this brand is legit. We’ve done the research for you to help you decide whether or not to trust this brand.

Quick Overview: Aside from the “reviews” page on their own website, this jewelry brand doesn’t have many reviews out there. On top of that, products are made-to-order and more difficult to return than your typical item. Although this site may be legit, we’d recommend proceeding with caution and shopping from a more reputable jewelry engraving brand instead. Click here to jump down to our recommended alternatives).

Is Engraved Giftsly Legit?

Yes, this brand seems to be legit and will ship your order. However, most customers complained about long shipping times and a few were unhappy with the quality of the jewelry they received.

That being said, there aren’t enough reviews out there to decide if the brand is worth shopping from or not – we recommend shopping from an alternative brand to minimize the risk.

Engraved Giftsly Reviews

Overall, Engraved Giftsly reviews seem to be decent, but we did notice some red flags.

For starters, their overall rating is 3.32/5 on BBB (based on 37 customer reviews), which isn’t terrible. There are some people unhappy with customer service and a few who weren’t a fan of the quality, but most customers seem to be satisfied otherwise.

This seems legit, but when we scrolled down to older reviews on BBB, they were all 1-star reviews. We’re not sure if the new reviews are better because they improved their customer service or if they are fake reviews.

We also found a few photos they were tagged in on Instagram, which seem like they are from legit accounts.

Most reviewers stated their order took forever to come, but they were happy with the jewelry quality compared to the price they paid. One reviewer stated that the gold started to flake off, however, so the quality might be questionable in the long term.

Since this brand doesn’t have much feedback aside from a few people, we’d recommend going with a different jewelry engraving company unless you’re willing to take a risk. Luckily, there are so many alternative brands that have similar options for comparable prices, with more customer feedback.

Engraved Giftsly Alternatives

1 thought on “Engraved Giftsly Reviews: Should You Buy?”

  1. Good afternoon, I emailed your company three days ago, as well as called customer service after receiving my order of 5 necklaces and I was highly disappointed this go around. I have ordered from your company in the past and loved my necklace so much, I had decided to purchase more.

    This time around, necklace #1099 (second picture), the plastic heart frame pieces that cover the frame fell out immediately. (Disappointed) I waited three weeks for these necklaces due to my mother passing and to see the end result was a highly disappointment.

    The second necklaces #1299 the same as the 1st, where the plastic heart piece that covers fell out the frame immediately, and I was able to insert both pieces back into the frame . Please send me a shipping label to send the items back and be refunded or a replacement.. which is becoming harder and harder to do. The return policy suck and I’ve called numerous times, and no one returns your phone calls


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