Floral Moda Reviews – Is Floralmoda.com Legit?


If you’ve stumbled across Floral Moda and like what they have to offer, you might be wondering if you should trust this store.

We’re dedicated to creating in-depth brand reviews – today we will be sharing our Floral Moda reviews. Keep reading to find out if this store is legit and worth shopping from.

Quick Overview: We do not recommend shopping at Floral Moda. They have terrible reviews surrounding product quality, plus complaints about poor customer service and the inability to make returns.

About Floral Moda

Floral Moda is a company based in China that sells affordable clothing and accessories for women.

They offer tops, bottoms, and other garments.

However, their main focal point is shoes. They have a wide selection of shoes and clearly promote their shoes more than anything else.

Pricing per item ranges from $15 – $60 depending on the product.

Floral Moda Reviews

Our Rating: 2/10

Based on scouring through online reviews from real customers, we don’t recommend shopping from this brand.

Almost every review complains about terrible quality products, with a bad customer service team who is unwilling to return orders or give full refunds.

On the FloralModa Facebook page, the company has an overall rating of 1.1 stars based on 79 reviews.

There are a ton of Facebook reviews from different shoppers complaining about various aspects of this brand (mainly quality). Many of them include photos as well, so we’d recommend visiting the Facebook page to see for yourself.

However, aside from Facebook, we couldn’t find many other reviews surrounding this brand.


The reviews on Floral Moda’s quality are some of the worst we’ve seen – it’s rare to see almost every single reviewer complain about the quality.

Customers stated they received items that didn’t look like the photos and were shockingly bad quality, either breaking quickly or arriving already defective.

Usually, overseas brands like this are a hit or miss with at least some decent products, but Floral Moda just seems to be a complete miss.

False Images

Like many other similar companies, the images on Floral Moda are likely fake and stolen.

For one, they crop out the heads of the models to make it less likely for someone to track the image back to the source.

Sites like Floral Moda will use fake images that look fairly similar to the product they’re selling (and look much nicer), then they ship you the cheap knock-off product.

Customer Service

What does this brand do when its customers complain about poor-quality items?

Very little.

Some reviewers state they couldn’t even get in contact with customer service, whereas others were able to get in contact with an unhelpful customer service team.

They were told that in order to get a refund, they’d need to pay for return shipping back to China (which can be pretty expensive). Or, sometimes the brand offered a small partial refund such as a 20% or 30% refund.

Since the products they provide are very poor quality and often break quickly or aren’t even wearable in the first place, this isn’t a great tradeoff.

According to reviews, Floral Moda even requires customers to pay for return shipping when they messed up by sending customers the wrong size.

Bottom Line

Overall, we do not recommend shopping at Floral Moda.

You’re bound to get stuck with overpriced and terrible quality products that don’t look like the pictures.

Their customer service team is less than helpful and if you want to make a return, they will make you pay for return shipping to China (which is expensive).

Not only do people have bad experiences, but the prices aren’t even that affordable. An alternative overseas store like SheIn offers much better deals with a larger variety and best of all, free returns.

Not only does shopping from a scammy store like Floral Moda guarantee you’ll be wasting your money, but it’s also potentially dangerous. If they’re willing to scam their customers, there’s a chance they’re willing to steal or leak personal information.

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