Xpluswear Reviews – Should You Shop Here?


We know it can be hard to find good plus size garments, which is why you might have been excited to stumble across Xpluswear.

This brand is dedicated solely to plus-size garments with all the latest trends at shocking prices, but are they a legit store that’s worth shopping from?

Intro to Xpluswear

Xpluswear is a brand based in China that is dedicated to trendy styles in exclusively plus sizes, with plenty of affordable options.

They offer sizes 10–28 (aka Large through 5x) and prices range from $20 – $70 depending on the garment. You can find gorgeous dresses, rompers, matching sets, and plenty of other categories.

Xpluswear also offers free shipping on orders over $79.

Is XPlusWear Legit?

Overall, this is a legitimate brand that will send the garments you order. However, some shoppers complain about long shipping times and poor-quality garments that look different than the items shown in photos. See more details on customer feedback in our reviews below.

Xpluswear Reviews

Now, what do real shoppers think about this brand?

We’ll be diving into what customers think after researching through hundreds and hundreds of real reviews. We will break down how people feel including their overall feedback, quality, shipping, returns, and more below!

Overall Customer Feedback

On TrustPilot, this brand has 766 reviews overall with a 2.2-star average rating (at the time of writing this article).

Although Xpluswear does respond to a lot of their reviews on Trustpilot, they use pretty much the same template word-for-word, so they clearly aren’t creating thoughtful and unique responses to their customers.

As you can see, this brand doesn’t have the best overall rating on these review platforms, so we dug deeper into why it was this low and what real customers thought about the brand.


Overall, quality seems to be a hit or miss at Xpluswear.

There are also quite a few bad reviews complaining about the quality and receiving items that didn’t match the photos.

This seems to be a common denominator among cheap overseas brands. That said, some people do receive garments they love, so quality seems to be a hit or miss overall.


Another issue that many Chinese clothing brands have is sizing being wrong, most often too small. Is this the case with Xpluswear?

Unfortunately, similar to the quality, sizing seems to be a hit or miss with this brand.

Many reviewers complained about sizing being significantly too small for many items they purchased.

Shipping & Returns

Alot of shoppers complained about slow shipping speed, many of which experienced 3–5 week shipping time (sometimes even longer).

We also noticed that some reviewers were upset because they never received their package at all.

The brand does advertise on their shipping info page that it typically takes 20–30 days to receive your package, but many reviewers didn’t receive their garments until later than this.

The hit or miss quality wouldn’t be such a bad thing if Xpluswear had a better return policy.

While they do allow returns within 30 days, the buyer is responsible for return shipping. Since the brand is based in China, returns can be expensive and may not even be worth the cost if you only got a couple things.

A Quick Recap:

  • Based on Xpluswear reviews, quality is a hit or miss
  • Sizing also seems to be inconsistent, many reviewers reported items being far too small
  • Shipping typically takes 3–4 weeks, sometimes longer
  • Need to pay for return shipping to China if you want to make a return
  • Many customers reported items they received being different than photos

Overall, we wouldn’t recommend shopping at Xpluswear for the reasons listed above.

The biggest downside is that in case you receive something you don’t like (which happens to many shoppers), you have to pay for return shipping to China and this can be expensive.

There are better alternatives that are just as affordable, with one-of-a-kind styles and a return policy you can trust. We’ve shared a few alternatives below.

Xpluswear Alternatives

If you’re worried about the hit or miss quality and needing to pay shipping for returns, here are a few alternative recommendations that you might have better luck buying from.

SheIn Curve

Although this brand isn’t exclusively devoted to plus-size garments, they do offer a wide selection of options in their Curve section. Their plus size options range from 0XL – 4XL, but the best part is their free returns policy.

Similar to Xpluswear, they are an overseas retailer based in China (and prices are even more affordable), so quality is always a hit or miss. However, the free returns policy ensures you’re not out of luck if something doesn’t work out.


One of the most popular fast fashion retailers out there, Forever21 also has a wide variety of trendy plus-size garments for fantastic prices.

They offer sizes 0x – 3x and have plenty of local stores in case you need to make a return. Or if you want to mail back a return, they only charge $5.99 for the return shipping label.

ASOS Outlet

Although ASOS sells hundreds of brands, their plus-size outlet is still an excellent retailer to find some of the best deals around.

Best of all, they allow free returns within 28 days in case your order doesn’t work out.

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