Mesh Beach Shoes Review – Is It a Scam?


If you’ve come across Mesh Beach Shoes and their shockingly cheap prices with fun and unique styles, it’s natural to wonder if it’s a legit store.

Quick Overview: This brand has NO good reviews and 50+ bad reviews, so we’d recommend steering clear and shopping somewhere else. Some good alternatives with similar styles include Pillow Slides and the large variety of Cloud Slides from Amazon.

Mesh Beach Shoes Review – What Customers Think

What do customers think about this brand?

Unfortunately, this brand is a big red flag and we do not recommend ordering from them. Here are some statistics:

  • On PissedConsumer, the brand has an overall rating of 1.2 stars across 33 reviews.
  • On Facebook, Mesh Beach Shoes has an overall rating of 1 star across 19 reviews.

The biggest complaint was that people never received their items and that their customer service is unresponsive.

Over 30+ shoppers complained that they received absolutely no response from their customer service team, even after weeks.

They state on their about page that the average shipping time is 1–3 weeks, but it takes much longer than this (and some shoppers never received their orders at all).

Some people finally received their shoes after weeks and weeks, but they were of terrible quality and didn’t look like the photos.

Some other shoppers were sent the wrong sizes, then didn’t receive any response from customer service when they reached out to request a refund.

Overall, we couldn’t find a single good Mesh Beach Shoes review and did find plenty of bad reviews, so we’d recommend staying far away from them.

Quotes from Real Reviews

To dive further into feedback from their shoppers, here are a few quotes from real customer reviews we found online.

“I have written to them 6 times and no response. I have been waiting for 8 weeks for delivery. The delivery company they use is also unresponsive. It is a disgrace that this business is allowed to continue advertising on Facebook.” – Edmond on Facebook

“No response from customer service despite several attempts to contact them to exchange my unworn shoes for another size. Once you place an order, they are radio silent if you need help.” – Colleen on Facebook

“My shoes didn’t fit! I order the side that always fits me. I emailed them 3 times and called them 2 times. No respond. I would never buy another pair of shoes from them. I suggest you don’t either!” – Susan on Facebook

“I bought a pair of sandals online. They took over a month to arrive. When they arrived, they were the wrong size. The company never answered my request for a return address or for a refund.” – Anita on Facebook

Many customers ended up receiving their shoes (after a long wait), but weren’t happy with the sizing or the quality. When they tried to contact customer service to complain or initiate a return, the company never responded to them.

Mesh Beach Shoes Alternatives

If you’re disappointed that this company has bad reviews, try out the following brands and products instead.

Luckily, their styles aren’t very unique. There are plenty of similar cloud slides on Amazon as well as other Amazon alternatives that are similar to their other shoe styles you might be interested in. Although the quality might not be amazing with some of the cheap options from Amazon, you can always fall back on their reliable return policy.

1 thought on “Mesh Beach Shoes Review – Is It a Scam?”

  1. I did receive my order, but the order was completely wrong. I paid for 3 pairs of sandals and only received 2 pairs. The colors and sizes were wrong. Only 1 pair had tags (and you can’t return the sandals without tags). I, too, tried contacting the company multiple times (4) and never received a proper response (I wanted a return shipping label). I finally contacted my credit card company and after speaking with a manager was issued a full refund. I feel I was one of the lucky customers that didn’t have to pay for this scam. Before I order online again, I’ll be sure to check out the company first!


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