Our Lyst Reviews – Is This Brand Legit?


Lyst seems to have thousands of fashion finds with a fun and personalized shopping experience, but is this app legit and worth shopping from?

We’ll be diving into everything you need to know about Lyst, including how it works as well as sharing feedback based on Lyst reviews from real shoppers to help ease your mind.

How Lyst Works

Lyst is a fashion shopping app designed for women and men that connects its users with items that they will love.

They partner with 17,000 brands and use a special algorithm to create a very curated shopping experience for their users.

Similar to when you’re browsing through a social media app such as TikTok, Lyst curates a feed that contains items that are highly relevant to your interests and fashion style.

Over time, the app learns your style better and pairs you with items that are even more relevant. While everything they select for your feed might not be a perfect fit for you right off the bat, their algorithm will figure this out and will start to pick the right items for you.

A key part of their business model is the fact that they don’t have any inventory.

When you find an item you want to buy and click the “shop now” button, you are redirected to the website of that particular retailer where you can place your order.

Lyst is basically just a unique search engine that makes it easier to find products that pair well with your fashion style.

Is Lyst Legit?

Yes, Lyst is legit. They don’t have their own inventory, so when you go to purchase an item they redirect you to the retailer’s website to place your order.

Lyst Reviews

Overall Rating: 9/10

Overall, shoppers love the concept of Lyst.

It’s a fun way to shop for new products and brands that fit your style without needing to browse through hundreds of options you don’t like.

Their app does an amazing job at curating your feed with everything that fits your style and it gets even better as time goes on. It becomes addicting (and dangerous) to shop through their curated feed.

Since they don’t stock inventory and you’re not buying from Lyst itself, your experience with factors such as shipping speed and returns will change based on the brand you buy from.

Because of this, we highly recommend looking into the brand details before you buy if you haven’t purchased from the brand before. You should check into their return policy and look into reviews.

Luckily, Lyst seems to be diligent and only selects brands that they trust. They don’t seem to have any suspicious brands in their store.

We also love that they have a wide selection of brands within every price range.

You can find budget-friendly options, mid-range options, and more expensive designer labels as well.

Also, despite not carrying inventory themselves, the Lyst customer service team seems to be very helpful when customers run into issues with their orders.

The only bad reviews we found were from customers who didn’t understand how Lyst works, thinking that Lyst stocks their own items. In reality, they were having issues with the retailer themselves.

The Bottomline

Overall, Lyst is definitely legit and is an innovative app. Their algorithm does a fantastic job of curating your style and pairing you with new items you will love. Plus, they have a huge selection, so you can always find something new.

We’d definitely recommend giving Lyst a try if you hate shopping aimlessly through items until you find the perfect match!

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