Top 7 Best Router Tables in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

A router table is a specifically designed table that is mounted with a router over it. 

Now the question is, what does it do? Is it worth mentioning? Well to be clear it is one of the most important tools in the woodcutting industry. Undoubtedly, any woodcutter can tell you the importance of this valuable tool. One can’t possibly count off this tool from the wood cutting industry rather they’ll possibly imply over the importance of selecting the perfect router table.

Well, it is a tool that is cheaply and extensively used by the woodcutters to cut and shape the wood. It allows the worker to cut the wood from different angles, providing the user with the leverage of performing the impossible cuts. 

While there are an art and science of getting the most out of your router table, comprehending the basics of this tool can possibly help you achieve your goal and maximize the efficacy to the heights never touched before. Therefore, choosing the perfect router table can prove to be an onerous task.

Best Router Table 2021

What Is a Router Table?

Well when going for a new router table, you should be properly equipped with the basic knowledge of routers. Indeed, they’re a beautiful and magnificent creation that is a delicately designed spinning tool. It is usually used to hollow out or shape chunks of the wood. 

The mechanism follows the working of the router as a tool powered by electricity. A tool which is then used to rotate a spindle at a fairly high speed. It is done to drill out through the wood, shaping the edges of the woods cleanly and smoothly, and sometimes even used to clear out the internal material of wood and keeping the surroundings intact. 

Isn’t that really magnificent for a tool that is really less talked about? Well, don’t worry as we’ll pen down a list of some of the best router tables in the marketplace to meet the demands of consumers.

7 Best Router Tables Reviews – Discussed Below:

Router tables are power tools that are frequently used in the wood cutting market. However, we should also know that there are two types of router tables

  • Plunge routers
  • Fixed base routers

Although, they are sophisticated in their design yet there are some designs that offer us a combination of both types making them more competent and handy. By testing and reviewing other’s tests, we’ve put on a list of the top 7 router tables in 2020 that can easily give the others, run for their money.

KREG PRS1045 Finest Router Table System

Best Router Table System

Our top pick for the premier router table is the Kreg PRS1045 router table. Well, what’s so special about it? so let’s dissect it from different avenues.

It is an all-in-one solution for precision routing. If you want to take your wood cutting projects to the heights of success, you’ve never tasted before. Then here is your golden opportunity, being our top recommended it holds all the possible features to be called the best. This powerful system has the best adjustability and offers a huge and durable tabletop that is T-shaped. While the ever so durable and powerful metal stand serves to make this tool best with its precision. 

The fence adjusts easily with just one hand and locks firmly in place with dual locks: a large paddle lock on the infeed end, and a quarter-turn lock on the outfeed end that prevents fence deflection 

In addition to these amazing features, it also has a system to collect larger amounts of dust. Consequently, making this device stand out from other tools available on the list.

It is one of the most versatile machines that is equipped with possibly the best. Either be the height management system or it is the lethal combo of T-track and miter, the machine is simply amazing with everything it offers. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s the perfect tool and opportunity to enhance your market by upgrading your workshop.


  • Unmatched versatility with incredible adjustability
  • Highly rated & very popular
  • Large working space provides plenty of room
  • Long T-square table fence
  • Strong industrial-like build
  • Its easy-slide micro-dot skin helps you to slide work pieces across the surface easily.


  • It’s expensive compared to other models
  • There are some complains too
  • Central plate isn’t flat side to side

Bosch RA1181 – Benchtop Router Table

Benchtop Router Table

It can be regarded as the best valuable benchtop router table. It has been rated as the Amazon’s choice for router tables, well this award has surely given a boost to its credentials. Therefore, on our recommendation list for the best router tables, it stands tall in the second position.

Don’t you want value for the capital you invest in? Obviously, who doesn’t want that? If you’re looking for such an affordable and best-valued tool than here’s a chance. It is such efficiently designed that it can fit over any kind of benchtop without any hustle. 

While the enormous dust collection area is the most lovable add on to its portfolio. While other features like adjustable feather boards and sturdy accessories make it a force to reckon.

It may be on an expensive side a bit, but this tool surely knows how to get a perfectly precise cut. If you are a skilled woodcutter, owning this tool can work wonders for you.

Overall, we think it’s a perfect tool for a woodworker of any skill level. So, don’t miss this opportunity to get hands-on this sophisticated and valuable tool.


  • A pretty large amount of accessories to get you most out of this wonderful too
  • Sturdy aluminum plate and fence that ensures durable performance
  • It also comes with a 2½-inch dust port that makes clean up easy and fast.
  • There’s an adjustable feather board, that is widely used to cut the boards in the same way rapidly


  • The plastic legs can serve as the major obstacle in attaining precise cuts sometimes
  • Price is a bit of an expensive side
  • You should need a benchtop to operate this tool making it somewhat not so feasible.

Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table

Cabinet Style Router Table

So, here’s another tool coming from the shafts of Bosch. Well, you can surely call it a remarkable achievement as there’s another such potent tool coming from the lines of the same company. 

If you’re looking for a compact router table? then really don’t look any further. As one can never simply find such a compact router table with possibly offering one of the best precision on the list. It has that feel about it which makes it one of the most user-friendly tools due to its a distinct quality of producing less sound during operations. 

Isn’t it cool? working with a device that’s close to dead silent but completes its task with utmost precision. Aluminum fence, adjustable feather boards, and a rigid surface to carry out its operations, it can’t get better with that.

Indeed, it is an awesome choice to opt for. In short, Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table is the ultimate choice for those who need compactness.


  • Cabinet-style router perfectly design
  • Rigid aluminum mounting plate accounting for its rigidity and compactness


  • The router mounting plate is below the table surface by about 0.025 – 0.030,” which causes a slight difference in cuts.
  • Comparatively smaller work surface

Skil RAS900 Router Table

Skil RAS900 Router Table

Are you having a budget constraint yet looking for a compact and durable router table? So, look no further as Skil RQS900 is the best possible option. A router table with ample working surface, laminated top for easy maneuvering, and two feather boards that are durable enough to meet user demands. 

It is entirely built over a sturdy foundation, therefore, there’ll be no need for a bench to perform different operations. Its amazing features at such a reasonable price make it a perfect choice for the novice and even the most skilled woodcutters.

Therefore, don’t look any further and order your destined router table and upgrade your workshop.


  • Provides a solid base for different functions
  • Affordable and reasonable price
  • Larger surface
  • Several accessories to add on to its functions


  • Not so rigid which makes it sometimes move during work
  • Not as many features you may expect in a high-end router table

Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table

Shaper/Router Table

Again if you are strict on your budget but looking for a valuable device that can fulfill your needs though you have budget constraints. Then this may be the best option you’ll ever have.

Do you have a small workshop area? If yes, then this product can help you secure your vital space at the workshop. The fence can be adjusted, allowing you to customize it to whatever your needs are, and of course, the height of the table depends on the workspace you attach it to. 

The work area of the table is ideal for all kinds of may it be the beginner’s work or even the most advanced and complex tasks. It has the ability to carry out all kinds of tasks with sheer ease. 

The table attachment is very easy to use. In addition to that, it also contains a manual to guide you through different processes like attachment to the table.


  • Very easy on the budget
  • A great choice for performing beginner-level simple tasks
  • Easily fits regular tables


  • It isn’t the best with the advanced tasks

Bench Dog Tools40-102 Promax

Bench Dog Tools

If you aren’t looking to invest a great amount of time and capital in the routing of woods but want a good tool. Overall, in this regards bench dog tools can serve as a pretty good option due to its versatility. 

This machine is capable of doing different tasks making it a multi-purpose machine. I talking about the performance of this router table, it has all the bases covered with a sturdy design. The dust collection mechanism is also really efficient in its process.

You can also get a lifetime warranty from bench dog tools. Although, it doesn’t have several other features to add on. However, still, it is a great option for a small workshop.


  • This comes with smart functionality, one of which is a dual fence slot configuration, which will allow you to maximize the surface area.
  • The excess miter slot to the left of the saw blade is one of the best in the market for crosscut sled use.
  • This extension table has a 28-inch pro-fence, mounting hardware, router top, a heavy-duty rigid one-piece aluminum frame, and a big two and a half-inch diameter dust collection port.


  • Very noisy machine
  • The pro fence is not quite straight

Craftsman Combo 37595

Craftsman Combo 37595

Looking for a good router with good accessories at a reasonable price? So go for Craftsman combo. It is one of the finest and delicately designed router tables that carries the process of routing with utmost precision.

The router is really powerful. There’s a dust extraction port that is present behind the router. The surface is thick MDF covered in laminate, giving you a smooth work surface, and the legs are made out of heavy-duty plastic.


  • Quality is assured
  • Power strip under the table


  • Not so many accessories to cash upon
  • Not ideal for big sized projects

Which is the best router tables to buy in 2021?

Is it worth buying the expensive products? well to be precise it all depends upon your mode of work. Undoubtedly, the more you spend, the better are the chances of landing a great product with added on accessories. 

Consider the features that come with a more expensive table such as added guards, stronger feather boards, aluminium features, and solid stands which are ultimately responsible for better user compliance.

However, smaller router tables with a low-budget isn’t a bad option at all. They can easily serve you on different small and medium-sized projects.

Choosing the optimal router table according to your needs can help you drastically improve your woodworking skills. Therefore, tons of credible options on the market are available. It’s just about making one right choice and you can ace the future prospects with sublime ease.

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